Environmental Literacy

Environmental Literacy Certificate of Achievement

Recognizing that environmental literacy is integral to the University of Cincinnati's mission of serving the world and enriching our global community, UC provides students the opportunity to earn an Environmental Literacy Certificate of Achievement through registration and active participation in the Office of Sustainability’s co-curricular educational and engagement series. The Office of Sustainability strives to create and enhance a culture of sustainability at the University by providing educational opportunities to empower, engage, and educate students and community members to become proactive agents in creating a better world.  

The Environmental Literacy Certificate of Achievement provides students with the opportunity to earn a professional certificate from the University outside of their traditional academic field of study through the pursuit of engaged, self-directed learning.  Outside of the four specified discussion units that students are required to attend, the program is unique in its scope as it allows students to choose what events they attend in order to satisfy the requirement for the certificate.  The diversity of disciplines explored in the Office of Sustainability's programs cultivate the prime condition for self-directed learning, as sustainability is an overarching, holistic, and all-encompassing lens for humanity, where everyone is involved.

Environmental Literacy Certificate Requirements

Participants must attend four approved lectures, four films, four small group discussions, and four additional UC | Sustainability engagement opportunities in order to achieve the certificate.  Once a student registers for the certificate program, they have the entirety of their academic career until they graduate to complete it.  Prior to each academic semester, the Office of Sustainability will provide a list of approved films, lectures, and engagement opportunities for the semester, and will offer the first two units of the discussion series in the fall semester and the second two units in the spring semester.   After completing the specified amount of events, participants are required to write a reflection essay of at least 1,000 words regarding how they will apply what they have learned from the course into their personal lives and future professional endeavors.  

To Register: sign into CampusLink. Go to UC Sustainability. Click "forms", "Enroll in Environmental Literacy".