General Information

Mailing Address

Office of the Registrar
PO Box 210060
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0060

Campus Mail Location

ML 0060

Email Addresses

General Inquiries

Add/Drop Form Submissions

Residency for Tuition Purposes

In-Person Inquiries (Enrollment Services Locations)

Uptown Campus

220 University Pavilion

UC Blue Ash Campus

150 Muntz Hall

UC Clermont Campus

100 Student Services Building

Telephone Inquiries (Enrollment Services)


Enrollment/Degree Verification Services

Registrar Directory

Headshot of Molly S. McDermott-Fallon, MBA

Molly S. McDermott-Fallon, MBA

Assistant Vice Provost and University Registrar

Academic Standing, Grading, Academic Calendars, FERPA (records privacy)

Headshot of Frances R. Meyer, MBA

Frances R. Meyer, MBA

Senior Associate Registrar

HEI Reporting and Census, National Student Clearinghouse, SSN Changes

Headshot of DeeAnne Frederick-Wiese

DeeAnne Frederick-Wiese

Assistant Registrar

Basic Data Forms, College Confirmation Forms, CPP Stack College Training, CPP Stack Maintenance

Headshot of Chelsea Smalling, MBA

Chelsea Smalling, MBA

Assistant Registrar

Commencement and Graduation, Replacement Diplomas, Club Sport Certification, Athletics

Headshot of Heather L. Wischer, MA

Heather L. Wischer, MA

Assistant Registrar

Registration, Permissions and Requisites, Wait Lists, Website, Bearcats Landing, Listserv

Headshot of Kathleen Fryman, MA, MSOL

Kathleen Fryman, MA, MSOL

Program Manager

Enrollment/Degree Verifications, GC3 (Greater Cincinnati Consortium), SOCHE

Headshot of Gabrielle N. Golden, MA

Gabrielle N. Golden, MA

Program Manager


Headshot of Aaron Bauer, MS

Aaron Bauer, MS

Program Coordinator

Class Ordering, Schedule of Classes, Classroom Scheduling

Headshot of Stephen Kuntz

Stephen Kuntz

Program Coordinator

Add/Drop Form Processing, NSC Verifications, Term Activation

Headshot of Paul Smith, MLS

Paul Smith, MLS

Program Coordinator

Transcripts, Name Changes, Grade Replacements, Fresh Start, Solomon Reports

Contacts by Area

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Individual Student Issues