SOCHE Procedure for University of Cincinnati Students


The student will be registered at UC for Consortium, MLTI 4081 (undergraduate) or MLTI6081 (graduate), for the equivalent number of credit hours transferred back to UC from the host institution.

Credit for courses will be posted on the student’s transcript as advanced standing at the end of the term. Grades for cross registered courses are not entered on the student’s transcript at UC.

Steps to Register:

  1. Fill out the Consortium Cross–Registration Authorization Form(If you need assistance with filling out a PDF form, check out our Adobe Acrobat Reader Applications and Filling and Signing Electronic Forms links.)
    • Obtain approval from your home college Assistant Dean/Academic Advisor (Make certain the approval includes a course equivalency for the class being taken at the host institution)
    • Obtain approval from the department as well if you intend to have the course (or courses) count towards the requirements of your major.
  2. Email the completed Authorization Form to the Registrar’s Office at
  3. The UC Registrar's Office will add either MLTI 4081 (for Undergraduate classes) or MLTI 6081 (for Graduate classes) to your class schedule for the equivalent number of credit hours that will be transferred back to UC.
  4. A completed SOCHE Cross Registration Form will then be emailed to you; make sure you sign the form as soon as you receive it.
  5. Deliver the Cross-Registration Form to the appropriate host institution’s Registrar’s Office to complete your registration process at the host institution.

Additional Information

There is no additional cost to full-time students but students are responsible for course-related fees at the host institution.

Students must inform both schools if they withdraw from consortium classes.

Please review the Cross–Registration Policies for more information.

Questions? Contact the UC Registrar's Office at