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The University of Cincinnati has partnered with Parchment for ordering and processing all outgoing official transcripts, including paper and electronic PDF. As our agent, Parchment will collect all fees and send email confirmations of your orders.

Is my transcript ready to be ordered?

Your transcript will reflect your academic record as it is the moment the transcript is requested.

Because of this, check that the following information is correct and/or posted to your account before ordering.

  • Grades 
  • Degrees
  • Email or mailing address of the recipient

Note: We are unable to hold transcripts or process refunds.

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A note regarding Fall 2023 Degrees and Grades:

Fall 2023 Degrees will be certified on December 22, 2023. Make sure your degree is posted before ordering your transcripts.

Check Your Degree Certification Status

Fall 2023 Grades are due December 13, 2023 @ 5:00 pm. Make sure all of your grades have posted in Catalyst before ordering your transcripts.

Check Your Grades

Also note that the University of Cincinnati will be closed for Winter Season Days beginning the afternoon of Friday, December 22, 2023 through Monday, January 1, 2024All orders placed on a hold status will be processed upon return on January 2.


All University of Cincinnati transcripts are ordered online. The fastest way to order your transcripts is to request them through Catalyst.

  1. Login to Catalyst.
  2. Click the My Academics tile.
  3. Open the Grades/Transcript/Enroll Cert drop–down menu.
  4. Choose Request Official Transcript.

If you need to recover your login credentials, visit IT@UC's UC Username & Password page to access the Get My UC Username and Forgot My UC Password utilities.

If you do not remember your login credentials, you may order your transcripts through the Parchment online portal. Parchment alerts our office that a request has been made, and we manually fill the request by searching the University archives for your record. Note: Requests made directly via Parchment have the potential to take longer to process, and you may see a manual hold on your account while your record is being researched.

  • If you are a new user, click the Create Account button.
  • If you have ordered transcripts via Parchment in the past, please make sure you are using your Parchment account to order the transcripts again.


  • The cost of each electronic transcript ordered is $8.50.
  • The cost of each paper transcript ordered is $11.00.

Express shipping may be purchased for an additional cost.

Processing Times

Most transcripts will be emailed or sent via mail within one–three business days. Notifications will be sent to your email directly from Parchment indicating the progress of your transcript request. 

If you attended UC before 1999, we may require additional processing time to retrieve your record from the University archives.

Make sure to check your spam or junk folder if you are missing an electronic transcript.

Mailed paper transcripts may arrive up to two weeks after order is placed and is largely dependent upon the carrier.

Once the order is confirmed, it cannot be canceled, changed, held, or refunded.

Holds on Accounts

Before ordering a transcript, students must clear any holds or service indicators that block the release of transcripts before they can place an order. Login to your Catalyst account to check your service indicators. If your Catalyst portal does not indicate why you have a service block, please contact Enrollment Services at enrollmentservices@uc.edu or by phone at 513-556-1000.

Collections Holds Preventing Transcript Release to Prospective Employers

If you have a transcript hold but need to send an official transcript to a prospective employer as a condition of employment, please submit a letter on the employer’s letterhead stating that the transcript is required for employment. If you are in the military and the transcript is required for advancement, the request must be on military branch letterhead, stating the transcript is required for advancement. The transcript will be released directly to your prospective employer or military branch. The transcript will not be released directly to you.

The request must be submitted to:

Loans and Collections Office
University of Cincinnati
PO BOX 210140
Cincinnati, OH  45221-0140

Once the request is approved the Loans and Collections Office will contact you to let you know that the transcript hold will be temporarily removed to allow you to request the transcript online.

Download Availability of Electronic Transcripts

Transcripts are delivered as a digital PDF and must be accessed by the recipient within 30 days. Electronic transcripts carry a security feature verifying that the transcript has not been altered. Once the transcript is downloaded within the 30–day window, it will be available to the recipient indefinitely.

The Registrar’s Office does not determine the accuracy of the email address provided or whether the recipient will accept the eTranscript. You may want to confirm that the receiver is set up to receive electronic transcripts prior to using this option. Students may also upload PDF attachments to accompany their transcripts.

Degree Certification and Grade Posting

Please check to make sure your grades and degrees are posted before ordering your transcript. We cannot hold transcripts for grade or degree posting.

You can confirm your degree has been certified (i.e., conferred or awarded) in your Catalyst student portal:

  1. Click on the My Academics tile.
  2. Select the Graduation/Commencement bar.
  3. Click View Graduation Status.

FERPA Compliance

An official transcript is a copy of a student’s entire academic record from the University of Cincinnati, bearing the official University seal and signature of the University Registrar. Only official transcripts may be released to a student or sent to a third party.

In recognition of the confidentiality of student records, an official transcript will only be released at the request of the student, except under due process of the law. Parchment is a Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)–compliant application. By proceeding through the checkout and clicking next, you (the student) are providing consent to release your transcript and to receive email notifications regarding your order.

Juris Doctorate and Medical Doctorate Coursework

If your academic career at the University of Cincinnati included work from the College of Law as a Juris Doctorate (JD) student and/or the College of Medicine as a Medical Doctorate (MD) student, you will need to request transcripts directly from those colleges.

Sending Transcripts to UC From Your Previous Institution

All high school, college, and university transcripts from previous institutions must be requested by the student and sent to the appropriate admissions office at UC. Transcripts should not be sent to the Office of the Registrar.

Undergraduate Admissions

Students applying to an undergraduate degree program will need to send their transcripts to the Office of Admissions.

Graduate Admissions

Students applying to a graduate–degree program should send their transcripts to Graduate Admissions.