Transcripts Frequently Asked Questions

Please check your spam (or junk) folder. Please allow one business day after you have received your transcript receipt for the transcript document email to be delivered. Email if the transcript document email is not in your spam or junk folder after one business day.

The form should be sent to before requesting the transcript. We will complete the form and return it to the student so that it can be attached to the online transcript request.

For security purposes, links to electronic transcripts are only available for 30 days. After 30 days, the links are no longer active. You will need to order a new transcript.

A hold on your transcript order indicates that the Office of the Registrar will need to do research in order to locate your record. You may receive an email from us requesting additional information.

These items will only display if they have been posted to your student record.

Please check to make sure your grades and degrees are posted before ordering your transcript. We do not hold transcripts for grade or degree posting.

To confirm your degree has been certified (conferred or awarded), login to your Catalyst student portal and click on the My Academics tile. Next select the Graduation/Commencement bar, and then click View Graduation Status.

PLEASE NOTE: Please confirm that your grades and/or degree have been posted prior to placing your order. Transcripts will not be held for grades or degree posting and no refunds will be given.

Since each academic institution maintains their own transcripts, you will have unique accounts for each institution. When logging into your UC Parchment account, you will only be able to request a transcript for your UC academic record.

Your Official Transcript is a transcript that you order from Parchment that is sent directly to the final recipient (e.g., your employer or new graduate program).

At UC, your Unofficial Transcript can be requested directly from Catalyst. This version is for your own reference only.

Outside of UC, an Unofficial Transcript means that you were sent your Official Transcript then sent it along to the final recipient. An Official Transcript becomes an Unofficial Transcript when it is opened and accessed by someone other than the final recipient.

If you order your transcripts prior to your final grades being posted to your academic record, your transcripts will not include your final grades. An NG grade means "no grade." You will need to reorder your transcripts after your final grades have been posted. Check your grades (Catalyst > My Academics > Grades/Transcripts/Enroll Cert > View My Grades) before ordering to make sure everything looks correct.