Requests to Verify Enrollment for Unemployment

If you are requesting unemployment and need to verify your enrollment through an online application, you will want to follow the instructions provided on this page.

Step One

You will first need to download an enrollment verification letter from Catalyst. This is a self–service letter that will include the information that is being asked in your application. Since we are unable to login and complete this piece for you, this letter servers as our verification of your enrollment.

  1. Login to Catalyst.
  2. Click on the My Academics Tile.
  3. Click on the Grades/Transcript/Enroll Cert drop–down menu on the left–hand side.
  4. Click Print Enrollment/Degree Letter.
  5. Decide what to include in your letter.
    1. You will be asked what information you would like to include. It is suggested that you select the Include My Program and Plan checkbox. 
    2. To include every term in which you have or will be enrolled, do not select a desired term. If you would like to only report a specific term, you can select it from the drop–down menu.
  6. Click Printer Friendly Version (at the bottom of the page) to see the version that includes the Office of the Registrar seal and University Registrar signature.
  7. Click Print Certificate.
    1. When the print box opens, select Save as PDF.
    2. This is the document that you will upload in your unemployment application.

Step Two

In your unemployment application, you will be asked four questions about your enrollment. For each question, you will type "See uploaded Enrollment Verification." To ease confusion, below are the questions and responses you will type.

Question: Is this student attending all scheduled classes and making satisfactory progress?

Answer: See uploaded Enrollment Verification.

Question: School Representative Name and Title

Answer: See uploaded Enrollment Verification.

Question: School Representative Contact Information

Answer: See uploaded Enrollment Verification.

Question: School Representative Signature and Date

Answer: See uploaded Enrollment Verification.


If you have any questions about the above process, please feel free to email us at

If you have a collection's hold on your account, you will not be able to download an enrollment verification letter. Contact Enrollment Services for assistance with getting a collection's hold removed.

Other Resources

Please know that your Bearcat Family is here for you during this stressful time. UC offers these resources to Bearcats in need.

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