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Applying for Graduation

Login to Catalyst and go to the "My Academics" Tab to apply for Graduation

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Who Will Use the Online Graduation Application?

Using the Online Graduation Application

Schedule of Opening Dates and Closing Deadlines

Changing Graduation Application Information

Reserving a Seat at a Commencement Ceremony

Graduation Application Fee

The Online Graduation Application is accepting applications!

All undergraduate and graduate students must submit their graduation applications through the Online Graduation Application. The colleges will not accept paper applications.

Be sure to apply for degree by the deadline for the term in which you wish to graduate.  Check the Schedule of Opening Dates and Closing Deadlines for details. Late applications will not be accepted.

Log in to Catalyst at

Go to the “My Academics Tab.” 

Scroll the page down until “Application for Graduation” appears in the left-side navigation menu.  Click that link.

Follow the steps to submit your application and application fee.

Remember that your application is not complete until you are presented with a final “application accepted” screen.

The Online Graduation Application will collect a $50.00 fee by credit card as part of the application process.

Students strongly are advised to consult with their academic advisor prior to submitting an application for graduation.


I. Who Will Use the Online Graduation Application?

Students who have met with their program advisors and who have been informed by the advisors that they are close to completing their degree requirements.

The Online Graduation Application accepts applications from both
undergraduate and graduate students applying for graduation from associate, baccalaureate, master's and doctoral degree programs. The Online Graduation Application also accepts applications for certificate programs.

If you are completing a degree in the College of Law or College of Medicine (MD program only), you must follow that college's procedures for applying for graduation.

This Online Graduation Application cannot accept applications for College of Law degrees or from the College of Medicine's Doctor of Medicine degree students.


II. Using the Online Graduation Application

Check the master schedule of opening dates and closing deadlines for the date that Online Graduation Application will begin accepting applications for the term in which you seek graduation.

Be sure also to note the application deadline for that term.

Students are responsible for knowing and complying with graduation application deadlines. Graduation applications will not be accepted after the established deadline for the term.

Prior to entering the Online Graduation Application, make an appointment with your academic advisor to be certain that you are ready to apply for graduation.

If you are a graduate student, review the Graduate School’s graduation process information prior to entering the Online Graduation Application.

Graduate Students must first complete the Graduate School Exit Survey prior to submitting a graduation application. The Online Graduation Application will not accept a graduate student's application until he or she has completed the survey.

Log in to the Online Graduation Application.

The Online Graduation Application will display your current academic program(s). If this information is incorrect or incomplete, log out of the application and immediately contact your college office.

Enter the information requested on each page and click the “Next” button. You will see that some information items have been pre-populated for you. Confirm that this information is correct before clicking to the next page.

You may submit only one graduation application per full term, but if you are enrolled for multiple academic programs, you may use the Online Graduation Application to apply for multiple program graduation in the same term including certificate programs.

If you elect to specify a new diploma mailing address, be certain the new address is complete and correctly spelled. The University of Cincinnati assumes no responsibility for student error.

At some previous time, you may have asked UC to withhold releasing your UC Directory Information in accordance with the
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA). If that is the case, UC cannot print your name in the UC Commencement Program. If a directory information hold currently is in force, the Online Graduation Application will ask for your authorization to override the FERPA block and print your name in the program.

Online Graduation Application will notify you if currently, you have an unresolved obligation to the University of Cincinnati. You may submit your graduation application, but UC will not release either your diploma or academic transcript until this obligation has been cleared.

Once you have entered all requested information, the Online Graduation Application will display a confirmation page.

Print and save that confirmation for your records.


III. Changing Graduation Application Information

After having completed an online application for graduation, you will not be able to access the application again to update any information. Students are able to update their Diploma Name and Diploma Mailing Address via their Catalyst profile. It is highly encouraged that all students update their Diploma Name and Diploma Mailing Address to ensure accuracy of diploma printing. For Fall 2019 Graduation Applications, students have until December 15, 2019, to update their Diploma Name and Diploma Mailing Address.

To update one or more of these items, log in to Catalyst, navigate to your profile, enter the new information, and click "Save."

IV. Reserving a Seat at the All-University Commencement or Doctoral Hooding & Master's Recognition Ceremony

Review the commencement ceremony page for the most current information regarding upcoming commencement ceremony. 

You will RSVP for a commencement ceremony as part of completing and submitting your online graduation application

For Fall 2019 Graduation Applications, students have until October 1, 2019, to update their RSVP information.

V. Graduation Application Fee

All graduate and undergraduate students are required to submit a non-refundable "Graduation Fee" payment by credit card to complete the degree application.

The graduation application fee was established to enhance services to the University of Cincinnati graduating students. The fee underwrites various costs related to All-University Commencement, degree certification, diploma printings and mailings, and other graduation-related expenses.

The graduation fee will be required for each term the student applies for graduation.  The graduation fee is $50.00

A student who applies to graduate and who pays the graduation fee but who does not graduate in the term for which he or she applied (for example, a student who does not satisfactorily complete final term courses or a student who has not satisfied all degree requirements) will be required to submit the fee again when applying for graduation for a future term.

Students strongly are advised to consult with their academic advisor prior to submitting an application for graduation.

The Graduation Fee will not be waived, refunded or carried forward to a future term.