Grade Replacements for Repeated Courses

Grade Replacements are open to undergraduate students who would like to boost their GPA. A Grade Replacement Application should be submitted when you are repeating a class and want only the grade from the most recent attempt to calculate into your GPA. In order to have the grade from the original attempt removed from your GPA calculation, a Grade Replacement Application will need to be submitted and approved by the class offering college of the new class. Students are allowed to replace up to four classes—or a maximum of 12 semester credit hours—under the Grade Replacement Policy.

How Transcripts Are Impacted

The grade for the original attempt and the approved replacement attempt will both display on the transcripts. However, only the grade from the approved replacement attempt will be calculated into the GPA. Please note: Transcript compilation services and/or admission committees may disregard the UC grading policy and may apply their own quality point formulas. Under the GPA calculations for the original term and the replacement term, the notation “APPROVED GRADE REPLACEMENT CLASS XXXX SEMESTER XXXX ORIGINAL GRADE REMOVED FROM GPA CALCULATIONS” will display.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. There is not a deadline. However, the approved Grade Replacement will show once the form has been processed and the grade has been posted for the new class.

Yes. Those hours will be subtracted from your total twelve allowable Grade Replacement hours.

No. Under the Grade Replacement Policy, students are not able to replace grades earned in a class graded as pass/fail.

Unfortunately, once the approved Grade Replacement Form is processed, the Grade Replacement will remain on your record. If you have remaining credit hours, you may attempt the class again and submit another Grade Replacement Application.

As the Grade Replacement Policy indicates, your original attempt will remain on your transcript. However, the grade from the original attempt will no longer be factored into your overall GPA calculation.

Since the class offering college needs to approve the Grade Replacement Form, in this instance, you would need to submit your form to UC Blue Ash.

You will want to work with your advisor to determine if there is a suitable substitute class.