Welcome Experience

Students at campus wall

The Welcome Experience will give incoming first year students the opportunity to build community, engage with first year and returning UHP students, and learn more about UHP during their first few months at UC! First year students will be placed into a small group which will be led by a returning UHP student who will be a resource to them. As a student, you will kick off the Welcome Expeirence on Wednesday, August 16th with all participants. You will then meet as a small group at least three times throughout the beginning of fall semester where you can meet other UHP students, learn more about different spots on campus and get your questions about UC, UHP, Cincinnati, and more answered. It is our hope that you make lasting connections with other UHP students for years to come!

The Welcome Experience Large Group Kick off will be on Wednesday, August 16! 

Questions? Email Bria Howard at bria.howard@uc.edu.


Registration is now open and will close Friday July 28 at 11:59pm. Registration is required to attend. 

Student Leader Positions

The Welcome Experience is a student-led program. Welcome Experience Coordinators guide and supervise the UHP Welcome Experience Mentors in addition to the planning and execution of the program itself. Welcome Experience Mentors connect, welcome and mentor a small group of incoming first-year students via group meetings and individual mentorship.