Elshaddai Melaku

Elshaddai Melaku Portrait

My UHP experience in five words

Inspiring, challenging, rewarding, adaptability, valuable

Why UHP is for me

UHP is for me because it has given me the opportunity to explore my interests extracurricularly and learn what is important to me through my involvements. It has challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone and work on improving myself as a young professional, and it has granted me opportunities I would not have seen possible for myself before.

Advice for anyone interested in UHP

Make the most out of UHP by taking advantage of the platform it provides to pursue the things you have always wanted to do but didn’t know how. UHP has such a vast support system, making it fully possible to achieve whatever you imagine.

An honors experience I’ll never forget

My favorite honors experience has been running in the AACRC Kuamka Competition and earning the title of Miss Kuamka 2024.

What my future holds

Finding a co-op, hosting my Kuamka Platform, being involved in my sorority, servicing my community.

Elshaddai Melaku with friends