Anusha Chitranshi

Anusha outside on a pier on a windy day

What I love most about UHP

What I love most about UHP is how it is a perfect fit for everyone who is a part of it. The customizations, the individualized attention, the freedom to truly follow your passion and gain valuable reflections from it make UHP the perfect program to seek excellence in its true sense.

Favorite honors experience

My favorite honors experience was working at the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva, Switzerland. I spent the summer of 2021 working on the Large Hadron Collider Experiment at CERN as a software developer and data analyst and it was the best experience ever!

Best UC moment so far

My best UC moment was winning the Mantei/Mae award for academic excellence in CEAS. The award ceremony, getting to sit down for dinner with people I could only imagine meeting, watching a football game from the President's suite with President Pinto was absolutely exhilarating. 

Expand your horizons. Go out of your comfort zone. Explore, embrace, evolve.

What's next?

I just finished my third co-op rotation this summer. Next is a long eight months of classes. This semester I started taking my graduate level classes with the ACCEND program pursuing an MEng degree in Computer Science.