Claire Minton

Claire Minton and other students viewing the Northern Lights.

My UHP experience in five words

Adventure, growth, confidence, community, belonging.

Why UHP is for me

I love getting to step outside of my design classes into journalism seminars, mentorship experiences, and cooking projects. Creative burnout is real, but UHP helps me take my varied passions and turn them into real goals I can meet. Everything I've done in UHP has gifted me new friends and taught me more about what's important to me.

Claire looking over a lake.
Claire with a friend
Claire drinking coffee

An honors experience I'll never forget

I'll never forget standing in a field in Iceland with 20 new friends screaming in excitement when we saw the Northern Lights. This night was part of a trip with the Travel Writing in Iceland seminar in Fall 2022, and it taught me how to connect with every place I go and every person I meet.

Advice for anyone interested in UHP

Never put yourself in a box! Your college experience shouldn't be defined by the degree name on your diploma. Take classes about your interests and new areas you want to learn about. You don't know the person you'll be when you graduate and that is such a wonderful thing - the best thing you can do for yourself is to get out of your comfort zone!

What my future holds

I'm starting my fifth and final year at DAAP and returning to my favorite co-op at the Live Well Collaborative. I work as a user experience design researcher with a healthcare focus, and I'll soon be searching for a post-grad position! UHP has taught me to look for communities and real people, and I love that this field allows me to make those connections.

Claire and friends in Iceland.