Hannah Laman

Hannah Laman outside with her sorority sisters

What I love most about UHP

I have really enjoyed getting to know people from different colleges, and meeting others who are older than me so that I can hear their advice! I also really love the wide variety of seminars that the UHP offers, because they can be extremely unique.

Favorite honors experience

I am currently working as a Welcome Experience Mentor for the UHP! I have loved this experience so far because I have gotten to meet so many first-years from all over the US and the world, and I have loved to hear about what they are most excited for.

Hannah Laman
Hannah Laman hugging a friend at a sorority recruitment event

Best UC moment so far

My best UC moment so far has definitely been going to the AAC championship football game with my friends, because I really love football, and watching the Bearcats go so far was amazing to see (especially watching a fellow engineer play so well, hi Alec Pierce)!

"Let us choose for ourselves our path in life, and let us try to strew that path with flowers."

Emilie du Chatelet

What's next?

I am currently in classes, and in the spring I'll be back on co-op! I just recently completed my first rotation at 84.51 and discovered my passion for data engineering, so I am hoping to learn more about that field of work at my next rotation, wherever it may be!

Hannah Laman with a friend in formal dresses