Sid Urankar

Sid outside at a colorful carnival attraction

What I love most about UHP

This past year has been unsettling, or rather challenging, for me. As an international student, I became an independent individual with a growing curiosity to explore every aspect of this new environment and culture change. UHP offered me the platform to put forth my inquisition. At the UHP, I gained experiences through my involvements that have allowed me to improve my inter/intra personal relationships, develop my professional demeanor, broaden my perspective on things, and explore a life trajectory that helps me attain excellence as a student and as a young individual.

Favorite honors experience

My First Honors Experience - The UHP Discover Research Program in Philosophy of Science, under Professor Max Cormendy. Through this, I have gained academic intelligence on how to extract data, filter it according to our research, and provide the essential database for the required research needs. This experience has also allowed me to delve into the field of science and not just treat it as a subject but understand the meaning of its existence and its effect on the field of research.

Best UC moment so far

Welcome Week 2021 has so far been my favorite event at UC. I had to travel to the other side of the world to study at UC. UC offered me more than I had anticipated. This Bearcat Family is where I find friends, faculty, and peers who help me in every step of my journey at UC. Not to forget the events that UC organized—they were on an entirely different level. I am sure that my Bearcat family will be there for me whenever I need them, and that is one of my favorite things about UC.

The network of individuals you create for yourself during your school years will serve as a solid foundation for your professional excellence in the coming years. Build your confidence and put yourself out there.

What's next?

As for future goals, I am looking for my first co-op as a software intern and hope to find a position where I can work, learn, and grow. Academically, I hope to explore various fields of work and opportunities that will lead me to my intended professional goal.