Vitoria Suchi Rezende

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My UHP experience in five words

Find yourself in the unknown :)

Why UHP is for me

UHP cherishes and encourages our chase for challenges that bring out the best in us. Whether they involve interdisciplinary activities, meeting new people, starting a project about a topic you have no experience with, or learning more about things you already love, the program never fails to guide us in our college journey and help us understand our calling. The endless possibilities will always lead you to your true self.

Vitoria Suchi Rezende in Paris
Vitoria Suchi Rezende Portrait

An honors experience I'll never forget

I'm eager to do a study tour in another country. The chance to have some support while you are abroad enriching your knowledge on topics you are interested in and having amazing experiences with new people is so special and unique. I would always carry those lessons and appreciate UHP's opportunity to live such valuable moments in college.

Advice for anyone interested in UHP

Always be inclined to say 'yes' in the program. There are so many interesting and specific opportunities that a lot of times we decide to stick to what we already know and do, but that is exactly when you meet someone new, learn cool skills, become involved in high-standard organizations, and eventually make an impact in college. I would say dive into the challenges that come up in the way, embrace them, find confidence in vulnerability, and know we have all been there.

What my future holds

UHP has shown me how to find balance in pursuing your interests, exploring new things, and securing a successful career, all while navigating the journey of understanding your true self. I am not quite sure of what the future holds, but the mystery drives me and I know I'll make the most of whatever that is, diving into the challenge and cherishing every lesson.

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