Vitoria Suchi Rezende

Vitoria outside at sunset

What I love most about UHP

The honors program provides us students with the chance to fulfill our ambitions and have an extra support during our college years. I can’t wait to know more people in this program, learn from them, and experience new activities that would never happen without UHP. It's an opportunity that certainly opens doors to others.

Favorite honors experience

I would love to participate in innovative projects that enhance diversity, leadership, creativity, and quick-thinking! As an engineering student, I deeply value hands-on experiences and believe that we can achieve great things by communicating and trying new activities. No idea is a bad idea!

Vitoria smiling in a black shirt
Vitoria smiling in a red shirt at a restaurant

Best UC moment so far

As a freshman student, I’ve enjoyed every moment of the welcome week. The key to making the most of UC is always being active on campus and open to new cultures and ideas!

Enjoy your limited time here, make friends with people from other backgrounds and cultures, and always be open to trying new activities!

What's next?

I'm an Honors Ambassador, and about to go to our retreat!

Vitoria smiling on a bridge in front of blue water