Zakaria Bodiford

Zakaria in front of a Bearcats sign

What I love most about UHP

The thing I love most about UHP is the Honors community as a whole. The University of Cincinnati's honors community is so welcoming, positive, and a great place to network! I love it here.

Favorite honors experience

So far the best honors experience I've had was being a part of McNair Scholars Prep! It's a place where I feel I can be myself, and connect with others who have the same mindset and values as I do.

Best UC moment so far

My best UC moment so far was meeting my best friend Ariel and getting into the University Honors Program.

Zakaria outside
Zakaria mirror selfie
You can't complain about how much you have on your plate when the whole point is to eat.

My grandma

What's next?

The next step is to start to get ready for Fall 2021 and the semesters to come, as well as prepare myself for research and shadowing opportunities.